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Innovative options for the treatment of suspected MI

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Asprihale indication is to "Reduce the risk of vascular mortality in patients with suspected acute myocardial infarction (MI)"

A patient administered, portable single use device and capsules that enables oral inhalation of aspirin upon onset of MI symptoms** ( not for daily use)

Kit containing Dry powder inhaler device and drug is small enough to be carried comfortably in a pocket (smaller than an EpiPen)

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    The immediate self-administration of Asprihale® is an improvement for emergency use for patients over oral chewable aspirin, which is the current standard-of-care for suspected acute MI.

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    Inhalation via the Asprihale delivery device improves speed of aspirin bioavailability, due to bypassing first pass metabolism and the proximity of the lungs to the heart.

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    Inhaled aspirin reaches peak bioavailability in ~2 minutes, which has been shown to consistently and dramatically reduce thromboxane B 2 levels, and inhibit platelet aggregation resulting in a more potent, prompt, and predictable pharmacodynamic (PD) response.

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    A 1.5 fold greater maximum serum concentration (Cmax) of acetylsalicylic acid (ASA) is achieved within 2 minutes when delivered with ASPRIHALE Arachidonic acid induced platelet aggregation is completely and irreversibly inhibited with ASPRIHALE within ~2 minutes post dose, and maintained for 24 hours post treatment.

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    The effects of Asprihale® are a distinctly more prompt, potent, and predictable PD response than the current standard-of-care.

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    A 1.5 fold greater maximum serum concentration (Cmax) of aspirin within ~2 minutes when delivered with Asprihale, which is similar to IV administration.


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