Our Technology

The interaction between our capsule based dry powder inhaler and proprietary formulation, OTI-0726, creates an ideal aerodynamic profile that allows for deep lung delivery of our active ingredient. This means patients can expect rapid absorption and therapeutic effect. OTI-0726 is projected to consist of a capsule based dry powder inhaler and two capsules for inhalation that will be administered at the onset of symptoms of Myocardial Infarction. OTI-0726 is expected to be absorbed much faster than the reference listed drug, which is the current standard of care. Faster absorption has been demonstrated in vivo, and Otitopic expects clinical results to establish the maximum concentration of the active moiety in two minutes or less.

The OTI-0726 dry powder inhalation device is easy to use.

1. Remove protective cap

2. Open mouthpiece

3. Place aspirin capsule in device

4. Close device

5. Press to puncture capsule, inhale.

Our mission is to provide patients with a faster alternative for treatment of suspected myocardial infarction (MI).

– Kambiz Yadidi, CEO Otitopic, Inc.