Our Science

Dry powder inhalation provides a rapid onset of action, especially when compared to oral formulations. The increased absorption rate of the OTI-0726 is due to the combination of the drug, device and large surface area of the lung. Otitopic has demonstrated proof of concept in vivo, and OTI-0726 is expected to be delivered into the bloodstream in less than two minutes.

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Our Technology

OTI-0726 has been designed with deep lung deposition in mind. The formulation’s nanoparticles have been engineered to a specific particle size so that they can interact with the inhaler to produce the ideal aerodynamic profile for maximum absorption. Otitopic has been issued multiple patents worldwide and is the only company with the rights to market orally inhaled dry powder aspirin.

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Our Pipeline

Otitopic is developing a second stage device to extend the life cycle management of the drug product. Otitopic is also exploring additional indications that can be treated by OTI-0726.

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Our Therapies

OTI-0726 will be the first inhaled therapy intended to treat Myocardial Infarction. Otitopic is committed to gaining approval of OTI-0726 and making a difference in the lives of patients.

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